I'm having conflicting info converting coordinates between AutoCAD and GM ADSG

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Following point is in UTM36N WGS84 

X=680137.283 Y=3607822.050


  • EET6763EET6763 Global Mapper User Posts: 2
    I'm getting different output values converting the following coordinate between AutoCAD Map and Global Mapper...The coordinate is in UTM36N WGS 84 Meters..Screen capture for reference.

    Source: X=680137.283 Y=3607822.050

    AutoCAD: X=192692.47 Y=722134.62
    GlobalMapper: X=192699.753 Y=722140.824
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    Does the following document help? It defines the 7-Parameter Datum shift from the Israel New Datum to WGS84 Datum as well as the New Israeli Grid system.

    It might be worth adding your own version of the New Israeli datum/grid to GM and seeing what answer you get.


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