elevation diffirent beetwen google earth and global mapper

hi everyone, i have one polyline. When i get elevation from google earth and global mapper (same coordinate), it's diffirent.
Can you explain for me.


  • kfroesekfroese Geotechnical Engineer Posts: 152Trusted User
    It looks like you have decent (high resolution) surface data in Global Mapper. Google Earth uses globally-available coarse topographic information. I'm not surprised they don't match. For example, in Canada, I believe Google Earth is using the CDED information for the DEM which has a grid spacing of about 20m and a vertical accuracy of +/-5m.
  • nlcadnlcad Global Mapper User Posts: 8
    The following discussion relates to distance measurements in QGIS vs Google Earth, but it applies to Global Mapper vs Google Earth as well so the info may be useful for you:

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