possible to zoom to a layer in a script?

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I'm trying to set up a script to generate watersheds on a lot of layers that include basins and points, to create subwatersheds within those basins for the points.  Each layer contains one basin and one or more points, so when I zoom to the basin, the generate watershed command will automatically include the correct amount of area in which to perform the operation.  I know that watershed generation can be scripted, but can it also include zooming to each separate layer, so that I get no more and no less than the area that I need?  If the screen display is too large, the watershed generation can take too long, and if it's too small, it won't include all the possible watershed area.

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    You can try using the LAYER_BOUNDS parameter on your GENERATE_WATERSHED command.  
    • LAYER_BOUNDS - specifies that the operation should use the bounds of the loaded layer(s) with the given filename. For example, to export to the bounds of the file "c:\test.tif", you would use LAYER_BOUNDS="c:\test.tif". Keep in mind that the file must be currently loaded.
  • JSLJSL Global Mapper User Posts: 369Trusted User
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