How to open Open Flighmap files


I tried to export Google Map Tiles basing on *.tiff format from Open Flightmaps website.
I can open .tiff file, but it seems to have wrong coordinates. On the right bottom corner of GM display scale, "MERCAT(Google)" with proper coordinates value, and on right site wrong coordinates. After export tiles I have wrong scale map near 0,0 point.
I'm not sure, what is the issue. Should I georeference map by myself, or try other file format?

*.tiff files are available with *.xml
Is there any specific way to open it?


  • RkoseiRkosei GM User Posts: 21Trusted User

    Hello Miroslawa:

    Based on you geo location, if you have already setup a projection in GM, you can save it to a file on desktop/documents. Open GM and load the projection you saved and open the tiff file. Try that and let see if that will start reading the correct coordinates.

    Thank you

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