Attach JPG to Feature (like click to view Photo Points)

I am interested in inserting a series of JPGs into my map, not as draped or overlays which are georectified, but as vertical cross sections.  I have line features that represent the position intended.  As for standard import of JPG overlay... that doesn't work because there is no Z option in georectifying imagery.  

Does anyone have a solution?  

I would like to accomplish either 1. have the photos viewed as walls matching assigned position, length, height (depth), or a "click to view" function where I can click on a line feature and somehow the photo is attached or embedded.  

Thanks for reading and even more for responding if you have a solution.


  • sphillipssphillips Posts: 55
    Not sure how to achieve that but I recall seeing a method to opening an image by clicking on a polygon. Maybe this would work on polylines? (40:30). The URL for the file can also be a local file. 

    I'm still learning Global Mapper so sorry I don't have the solution. Good luck.

  • MarshallMarshall Posts: 22
    Thanks for the response.  Ideally I would like to add them as subsurface cutaways rather than clamped to ground overlay, allowing me to view in 3D viewer to visualize my data much better.    
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