No GM Link on Blue Marble site?

txrplstxrpls Global Mapper UserPosts: 83Trusted User
Unless I have missed it I cannot find any link to the Global Mapper Forums on the BMG site.  Anyone else notice this? Seems strange since the first thing that pops up is a Global Mapper banner


  • MykleMykle Global Mapper User Posts: 382Trusted User
    Note that the forum is not the primary source of support from the Blue Marble perspective (it is for you and I !!).  Being able to learn from the responses to other questions has been very valuable for me. 

    The option to submit a question is the most easily found method on the GM website. 

    Another primary method is by email to Blue Marble Geographics Support

    That said, the forum does have a link on the website, once you know the way (!)
    From the Blue Marble address
    Open the global mapper list and click on Global Mapper
    Note that there are two lines of links, one above the Global Mapper banner, and both have Support included.  Use the one BELOW the banner.
    Again, this page has two lines of links, you want Other Resources on the line below the Support Policy banner. 
    Now you have a forum link in the text!

    There may be other ways to get here more quickly by following links.  You can always Google "Global Mapper Forum".

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