Volume calculations doesnt work in GM18.1

rotoviewrotoview Global Mapper UserPosts: 53Trusted User
Getting this error when doing volume calculations:
Unhandled exception processing command message 33038 with code 0. in Map (2D / Top-Down) view
Read access violation at data address 0x0000000000000000,
program address 0x000000014032BE13.

Version: v18.1.0 (64-bit)
Build Time: Feb 21 2017 11:58:26

Stack Trace:
000000014032BE13 (global_mapper)
000000014032B4BC (global_mapper)
00000001403C4A1E (global_mapper)
000000014053FD5F (global_mapper)
00007FFE194817BE (mfc110)
00007FFE19481A36 (mfc110)
000000014012FA40 (global_mapper)
00000001404523BC (global_mapper)
000000014012F904 (global_mapper)
00007FFE19525E94 (mfc110)
00007FFE195251DE (mfc110)
000000014012A61B (global_mapper)
00007FFE19525148 (mfc110)
00007FFE195229E6 (mfc110)
00007FFE19522DA0 (mfc110)
... (10 Additional Stack Items Hidden)

Windows 10 Pro (64-bit) Memory: 29,551,800,320 of 34,280,427,520 available, GDI Usage: 605 GDI (Peak 888), 133 User (Peak 246)

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