sharing and publishing data


I own a small surveying company in north-rhine westfalia, germany. Our government recently published about 10.1 million 3d building models (LOD2 citygml) the DEM and original LIDAR data for 34.000 km². The data is free to use.

I am really impressed by the functionality of GM and the ability to combine data and visualise the results in the 3d view. Where I get stuck right now is when it comes to publish and share the results in 3D and make it accessible for our clients.

So here is my question: Do you have any future plans of implementing a free viewer for global mapper (like other companies do with SkechtUp-viewer or ArcGIS-Explorer)?
Are publishing and sharing data generally themes that are on your agenda for GM or is this something in your self-conception that third-party software is supposed to do?



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