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With GPS on and adding points -- when pinching out, the screen goes blank and I loose all my entered points.  Also, it appears that any data entered needs to be put in the NAME field.  If I enter data in any other field than NAME like Description, the point won't stick.  If I enter data in the NAME field, it seems to stick when the screen goes blank.  Anyone know of a tutorial for the mobile app -- the only ones I've seen are sketchy when it comes to entering and exporting data.


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    Hi Dan,

    I am not able to reproduce the behavior you are describing. Would it be possible to supply us with the gmmp you are using? It would be very helpful in diagnosing the issue. Please contact Blue Marble Geographics Support (, and include the version of the app you are using seen on the Main Menu | Info | About page.

    When you create a feature, the New Feature screen will be displayed. You can use the default settings or modify. You should also be able to add attributes, attached images, and notations (extended text attributes) using the buttons on the bottom right. Feature properties can also be defined by a feature template layer if included in your base map. Simply assign the feature to the template layer. Click on "OK" to save the new feature or "Cancel" to discard. This same screen will be shown when you select an existing feature, allowing you to modify the feature properties.

    To save your modified map, go to the main menu (top left button on main screen), and tap the left most button on the bottom (disk & arrow icon). You may save the map as a gmmp on the device or email (if available on your device). It is recommended that you save your work to file periodically. Saved gmmp files may be transferred to your PC or Mac using iTunes. There are step-by-step instructions in the online help, Exporting Data section, which may be viewed from the app (link on About page) or browser here:

    There is also a webinar on GM Mobile here:

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    Thank you for providing support with your data and additional details. I was able to identify the cause of the crash on zoom out w/ GPS and fixed the issue. It will be available in the next release (v1.1.0.47 or later). Sorry, no date yet.
  • Is possible make measurements on GM Mobil?. When i create lines and atras the atributes are not showed. 
  • PShoreyPShorey Global Mapper Developer Posts: 176Moderator, Trusted User

    The current version of GM Mobile does not include a measurement tool. However, we do plan to add this in version 2.0 (enhancement request 18559).


  • Thank u so much Peter 
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