Is it possible to set the field of view for the 3D viewer?

bisenbergerbisenberger Global Mapper UserPosts: 50Trusted User
It would be helpful to be able to change the field of view for different scenarios.


  • JeffH@BMGJeffH@BMG Global Mapper Developer Posts: 267Trusted User
    Hi bisenberger,

    In the 3D viewer, you can change the field-of-view setting using the Home (increases by 5 degrees) and End (decreases by 5 degrees) number pad keys, but there's no way to set it to explicit values or start up with a value different from its default of 60 degrees.

    We have an existing ticket (#17690) that address persisting various 3D camera settings, and your request would seem to fit in with that. I'll add you to the list of customers interested in this functionality, and we''ll notify you here when we've implemented it.

    Thanks for the suggestion, and best regards,


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