Using IMG Files

The New York State Website generates IMG files.  They said Global Mapper is the best software to created a topo map from their Data.
Does Global Mapper read IMG files?  


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    Assuming that you are referring to Erdas Imagine raster and elevation grid files (*.img), then the answer is yes. I recommend testing the files with the latest release of Global Mapper.  You can initiate a two-week trial right from the registration screen, and test your workflow to see if it works.

  • Thanks (I posted this twice, just learning the use of this website today - my first day)
    Somehow I can not get GM to load those files.... I will look again and return with more specific information.
    Thanks for the amazingly quick reply!
  • It is working now.... Thanks again
  • I am a brand new user having the same problem with State of NH Lidar data.  When we download LIDAR data, the NH GRANIT website gives us a ZIP64 file.  When we extract the files, it looks like the data is in an *.IMG file.  GM does not seen to recognize it.
  • We solved the problem.  We just clicked and dragged the image file into GM and it worked.  Thank to Jeff in Tech support!
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