How is the Aster Worldwide Data fetched?

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Hey all, I'm working on an application that generates 3D terrain from geotiffs. I'm wondering if one of the devs, or maybe someone who knows a little more about how GM fetches data for a given bounding box would be willing to divulge a bit. Specifically I'm curious how the Aster data is fetched, is it a WMS? If so how would I format a request for a region? I want my user to be able to interactively create a terrain in the same way by drawing a box.


  • pathapatha Posts: 2
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    Anybody? No? Maybe I'm asking the wrong question? I know I can get data from EarthExplorer on USGS, but I'd like to write an application to pull it directly. I have a GIS library that can do this but I don't know the url of what I should be connecting to.
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    We host the ASTER GDEM data ourselves.  You can access it using the Global Mapper SDK, but it's not a public web service or WMS.
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