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This is just a heads-up that LiDAR data are now available for much of England at http://environment.data.gov.uk/ds/survey#/download

It is available for non-commercial use only and is subject to the following terms of use

Except where the data is Open Data and subject to the Open Government Licence, you may use the data obtained from this Website (“Data”) for your own use provided that the use is not for or related to any commercial, business, professional or other income generating activity, and is not detrimental to the Environment Agency, its activities or the environment. In particular and subject to the above you may:

  1. take copies in full or in part, provided that any extract is complete in its own right, is not taken out of context and is not in any other way misleading;
  2. use or present the Data in different ways e.g. by creating a new table or create something derived from the Data, provided that in neither case is it misleading;
  3. give copies, extracts or derivatives permitted in paragraphs 1 or 2 above to others (but this does not include publishing). You must, if supplying anyone with something from which they can extract or reverse engineer our data, mark the Data "© Environment Agency copyright and/or database right 20xx. All rights reserved" using the year you receive the data from us.
  4. If you wish to give recipients of copies supplied under paragraph 3 above additional usage rights you may, in addition, attach a copy of the sections herein headed “Permitted Use of Data and Disclaimers” and tell recipients that they if they agree, for the benefit of the Environment Agency, to comply with these sections and agree not use the Data for any commercial or commercially related purpose they may have the same usage rights as in paragraphs 1, 2 and 3.

Nice data set


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    That's a really nice LIDAR source indeed!  I was able to get 50cm DTM and DSM for Avebury, which I have been after for some time.  Combined with World Imagery, it looks really nice.  You can even see the sheep.  Also, with the water level function, one can readily see that the "ditch" could never have been filled with water like a moat, as some still argue. (Even though geologists have long maintained that the chalky soil and bedrock is too permeable.)  Thanks very much for the tip.

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    Hi Mark,
    Very cool images indeed! This LIDAR is indeed a fantastic dataset. You may be interested to know that Natural Resources Wales are to release a similar dataset on the 2nd of November https://naturalresources.wales/our-evidence-and-reports/our-data/lidar/?lang=en



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    It's good to see some lidar derived data coming into the public domain but I would rather see the point cloud data, it offers far greater opportunities. I queried the Environment Agency the other day about the point cloud data and got the following response.

    Dear Bob,

     Thank you for your enquiry.

     Currently we have not released LIDAR LAS data, but are working towards a release by June 2016.

     Kind regards


     Archive Data Team

    Geomatics, National Operations

    Environment Agency, Rivers House, Lower Bristol Road, Bath, BA2 9ES 

    so it's on the way - just have to wait a bit longer. I see Finland released lidar point cloud data in 2012 and Spain has released their lidar dataset as well as have the USA with their 3DEP program.


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    On a similar theme, I have been in touch with the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) to enquire about LIDAR data release in Scotland. At the moment it seems that there is an intention to release these data to local authorities and similar bodies (fairly soon but time-scale unspecified) but there are no plans for release to the general public. I will be following this up.


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