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  • apply formula (raster calculator) between two files

    Hi again,

    Oops, a little red-faced here. You should be able to load multiple images and select bands from whichever layer you like, and the calculations will proceed. It looks like the calculator will take the largest image dimensions to do the calculations over, but if your images are the same size, it should work just fine.


  • Error setting 3D viewer info


    First, I suggest updating to the latest version of Global Mapper 17 so you can see if this is a problem that has already been fixed.  If the problem persists, you should contact Blue Marble Geographics Support directly via e-mail (

  • Global Mapper v17-Beta Release

    We are excited to announce the upcoming release of Global Mapper v17! This major release offers a variety of powerful, new features and functions that we know you will find useful. Thank you all for your ongoing interest and support of Global Mapper. We are looking forward to your feedback during the beta period. Please send your questions and suggestions to If you’d rather post your technical questions to the forum, look for the Global Mapper Beta questions thread:

    There are some great new features coming in v17 that you will find in the beta:

    • New Cartographic Map Publishing tool including:
      • A paper scale interface that actually lets you work with the layout in the paper proportions.
      • Easier addition of overlays for graphics, text, legend, scale bar, north arrows etc, and positioning these elements through click and drag
      • Saving and loading from templates
    • New Multi-View interface for split screen 2D and 3D map views for better data visualization and manipulation
    • Several new built-in online sources, including US National Map sources (w/ 1 foot color imagery source), World Navigation Charts (1:1M Scale ONC Charts), and Australian water sources.
    • New support for CPT palette files, both for layer color palettes and for initializing elevation shaders and updated support for PLY, PNG (added EXIF tag support), Sketchup, CPT and USGS Earth Explorer formats
    • Updated logging information now available for scripting, along with many other scripting enhancements
    • Speed improvements and threading updates for many large format raster and vector data types
    • Updates to GPS Tracking, to support Glonass and Baidu NMEA positions, as well as new tracking functions to follow the live position more closely and orient the map to the GPS Heading.
    • Added new GPS toolbar buttons to control whether or not the main display centers on the GPS vessel location and automatically rotates to keep the GPS heading towards the top of the display.
    • Attribute Calculation now stores the previous formula for new attributes, if one exists, so that a user can see what changes a previous formula made to an attribute .

     LiDAR Module

    • Dramatic speed enhancements for LiDAR and other Point Cloud data for drawing, gridding and load
    • New LiDAR processing for noise reductions, and updated building and vegetation classification
    • Fast spatial thinning and threading for very large datasets
    • Calculation of basic rooftop statistics from point clouds

    3D updates

    • Dramatic 3D display speed optimizations

    There are of course many, many more enhancements, these are just some highlights. You can access the Beta downloads from our website at:

    As in the past, the beta can be installed right alongside previous versions without uninstalling them; they will not be impacted by the new version. As a reminder we recommend using an official release version for any production work.  Once installed, you can request an evaluation license from the Registration screen that will launch the first time you open Global Mapper 17.  We hope you like the new features, the complete list of What’s New will display during installation.

    Sam Knight
    Director of Product Management
    Blue Marble Geographics

    UPDATED (9/17/2015): We have updated the beta installers linked above, based on good feedback we've received so far.  Mainly bug fixes and a few buttons and settings relocated.  Thanks for your feedback and keep it coming!

  • Point Cloud Classification Settings

    When you open the case study and receive the file-not-found screen, edit the address to remove the characters after ".pdf" and the file will then open fine.
  • Mobile Mapper GPS


    The zoom to location feature could certainly be useful, and I have opened an enhancement request for this (22618). 

    We are currently in the early planning phases of Global Mapper Mobile 2.0. We would be very interested to know more about what features you, and others, would find useful and how you would like to use the application in your work. You may post your suggestion here or submit them to directly to BMG support via email (


  • Graticules

    Thank you :)
    I can change color or text attributes
    but I can't change graticules place : no option to place graticules around the edges, they stay on the map  :(
  • Google Map Tiles Data Source - File Names Too Long

    “Long Path Tool” is very helpful for this error !
    best solution for your problem.