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If you make maps, then you need Global Mapper. Why? Global Mapper is a comprehensive GIS software package that allows you to view, edit, merge and export hundreds of supported file formats.

Some things do get better with age...

Global Mapper v17 continues the tradition of offering significant upgrades for incredible value. Significant updates include a multi-view map interface as well as a completely redesigned map layout function for creating high-quality printed maps. Learn more here.

World Class Support

Many software companies leave you in the dust once you've purchased. Not here. We pride ourselves on providing the absolute best support you will ever receive. Period.

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More Global Mapper Features

  • File Support

    Global Mapper supports viewing of dozens of the most common data formats GeoPDF®, DLG, DRG, DOQ, DEM, DGN, DTED, DWG and many more. Read more...
  • Built In Data Sources

    Provides direct access to DigitalGlobe high resolution color imagery and detailed street maps for the entire world from within the application! Read More....
  • The swiss army knife for GIS

    Global Mapper includes powerful data manipulation and translation tools at significant performance increases over other “traditional” methods, and at a very low cost! Read More
  • Image Rectification Support

    You can graphically georeference any JPG, TIFF, or PNG and save the results to a new fully georeferenced image. Vector data can also have a rectification process.Read More...
  • Contour Generation

    You can create contours for any combination of elevation data. You can also specify the contour interval to use. The generated contour data can then be exported to any of the supported vector export formats. Read More...
  • GPS Support

    You can track a compatible GPS device connected to your computer's serial port or USB port in real-time over any loaded data. In addition, you can mark waypoints at the current GPS location and record a tracklog...Read More.

What our Customers Say

I just want to congratulate you for the superb software that Global Mapper is!!!! I use it for almost two years now. It does exactly what it claims:

Sergiu Sopterian
Trow Associates Inc.

Curious about Global Mapper? Here are a just a few screenshots of Global Mapper in action:

Global Mapper Opening Screen
Viewing data in the 3D Viewer
Global Mapper 3D Profile Tool